Research of Artur Sergyeyev on Quantum Systems

In the paper

Exact solvability of superintegrable Benenti systems (arXiv version)

we established quantum and classical exact solvability for two large classes of maximally superintegrable Benenti systems in n dimensions with arbitrarily large natural n

(For the background on superintegrability see here if necessary).

See also the related paper with Maciej Błaszak, Ziemowit Domański and Błażej M. Szablikowski

Integrable quantum Stäckel systems (arXiv version)

and the paper with Pavel Krtouš on quantum integrability for the Klein-Gordon equation on a class of curved backgrounds

Complete set of commuting symmetry operators for the Klein-Gordon equation in generalized higher-dimensional Kerr-NUT-(A)dS spacetimes

For the classical case see here.

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